03 October 2011


The folks at Western, via Dell and later Gold Key, gave us some nice large panels once in awhile. 

This Disney TV production was a favorite of Space Age Geeks like me. Dell issued a oneshot, #86 in December 1957. It featured a TWO PAGE single panel by Tony Sgroi.

From Four Color #1250, July 1961
art by Gerald McCann

from #1309, April 1962, art by Bernie Krigstein

I'm not counting splash pages as full page panels.

Western, or KK, or whatever name they went under, did some nice printing. Can you imagine how muddy these would have been if printed by Charlton?

Gilberton's Classics Illustrated also had some nice full pagers, but toward the end of the 60s their printing got rather shoddy.

 Here's a 2 page panel from #1205, by Jack Sparling

Here are some pages from Four Color 1255 by Luis Dominguez . The B/W inside back cover isn't really a story panel, but I included it because it was cool.

Four Color 1301--they got carried away with the padding on this issue. From Feb. 1962, by Jack Sparling.

Here are some nice examples , by Reed Crandall, from FC 1328.

The final panel in FC 822 was a full pager by the great Alex Toth:

Another Disney space episode was given the Dell Four Color treatment in February 1959. Here ia a Full Page Panel, again by Tony Sgroi. FC#954

And finally, a couple from #1256. Art by Vic Prezio

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