24 September 2011

My Favorite Martian - Gold Key pinups

During the 1960s Gold Key's comics often contained no advertising, except for the occasional in-house ad. This left the back cover free for some very nice artwork, usually the front cover sans text. By 1967 this practice was ending, although there are still some pinups as late as 1969.

Another treat from GK, for the budding fanboy, was their very nice color printing. And since almost all TV shows were in B/W, this gave us some rare color pics from the TV   comics.  (I never would never have known that Uncle Martin's space suit was green, for instance)

Here are the color pinups from MY FAVORITE MARTIAN.

#1-January 1964

 Issue #3, February 1965

#5, Aug 65

Issue 2 had an "Infopage" on the back cover.
The rest of the pinups for MY FAVORITE MARTIAN were in monochorome, I am sad to report.

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