05 March 2011

original cover art for DARK SHADOWS #11 November 1971

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Fanged Frid by George Wilson

One thng that's alwayd irked me was Dell/Western's "in your face" attitude that they didn't need no steekin' Comics Code Authority, they were looking out for your kids. Dell even had that sappy PLEDGE TO PARENTS on the back page.

Now one thing that the code expressly forbade, I believe, was the depiction of vampires. So who was first out the chute with a vampire in the small,color page comic segment??It's even worse if you consider Dell's 1962 DRACLA adaption.

The color comics couldn't compete with these strings against Warren & Skywald's B/W horror titles, and soon said the hell with it. Vampires were everywhere in the early 70s

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