06 March 2011

Brazilian Magnum

A V-8 coupe that  hardly anyone knows about...a prime candidate for Smeghead's Garage.
The 1979-1981 Dodge Magnum produced in Brazil.

Based on the American 1967 Dart GT. Engine was the standard 318 with either manual or automatic transmission. 165 Horsepower, 111 inch wheelbase, 202 inches overall length. Wheels were 14 inch. Your standard Dodge Dart, Charger, or Coronet of 1968.
It looked much different from the contemporary US Dodge Magnum:

(Which will be crashing into Smeg's garage soon) Although they would have been almost identical drive-wise,

The nose piece was fiberglass instead of the flexible plastic found on the northern Magnum. The roof details are like nothing I've ever seen in an American car- looks like 2 removable panels and a landau rear. I am pretty sure the panels didn't really come off.

Why does the guy need a flak jacket when walking near it?

The 4-door version of the Magnum was called the LeBaron. A sport version coupe was called the Charger RT. All three cars were variants based on the earlier 1970s version of the Dodge Dart.


  1. Trivia. Volkwagen bought out Chrysler Brazil's assets around 1979.

    For a short time, a year or two, the continued the Magnum/Dart,. Some of the advertising will list both VW and Chrysler Brazil. So, Volkswagen made the Dart!

    1. Oh wow I'd love to find an ad like that!