22 March 2011

Comic Book Short Story ~~ The Detectives "The Informer"

The Detectives Starring Robert Taylor was an American crime drama series which ran on ABC during its first two seasons, and on NBC for its final season. Along with Robert Taylor the series starred Tige Andrews (later on THE MOD SQUAD), Adam West (later on THE FAMILY GUY and some other show) and Mark Goddard (future Don West on LOST IN SPACE).
The first 2 seasons were in my favorite format, 30 minute drama. The 3rd season increased to an hour. Reruns were syndicated as "Captain of Detectives", as most reruns had a title change back then.

Nat Edson, who mostly did westerns in the 1950s, drew the Dell Four Color issue # 1219, March 1962. Written by Eric Freiwald and  Robert Schaefer, here is one of the two stories in   that issue.

The front cover is rather bland compared to earlier photo covers.

info page

info page

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