12 June 2010

Whitman's The Invaders

In the mid to late 60s, Western Publishing put out a number of nice fiction volumes, many based on TV shows, for children. They were fairly large type, and had about 200 pages.

  Jack Pearl wrote this story based on the television show "The Invaders".  Robert L. Jenny drew a few interior illustrations.
The best part of the whole effort were the end-papers

 Jack Pearl also wrote novel tie-ins for the films "The Yellow Rolls Royce" and  "Funny Girl".
For Whitman, he wrote the two "Space Eagle" novels in this same format. (click for SPACE EAGLE.)


  1. IIRC, (1) Whitman also published an Invaders book in a Big Little Book format, and (2) Jack Pearl wrote a paperback novelization of "Our Man Flint."

  2. My brother still has the Invaders Big Little book as well as Major matt Mason. I did find my copy of this Invaders book in a bunch that would have been tossed.