17 June 2010

Magnus #12-- Wilson or Prezio?

This original cover painting was recenty sold for $7170 on an online auction site. It was described as ""George Wilson Magnus, Robot Fighter #12 Painted Cover Original Art (Gold Key, 1966). "Uncontrolled robots create a fantastic plot to blow up North Am: the Volcano Makers." This rambunctious robot smasher from the heart of the Silver Age has an approximate image area of 12.5" x 18", and it has been matted to an overall size of 18" x 23". The art is in Excellent condition. ""
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  This issue, which I know was on sale in late summer 1965, because I bought one, has one of my all-time favorite painted covers.  GCD crdits it to Wilson also..but look at it closely.. the linework looks lot more like Vic Prezio's to me.

Prezio certainly did #14 thru 19, & 21.  I think #28 has his style also.






This is, of course, so totally unimportant to anyone except fellow old comic hounds like me.

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  1. Yes, not George Wilson. That is for sure. Prezio? I don't know. My question is which makes it more valuable? It being a Prezio or a Wilson? I use to think Prezio but after recent Wilson auctions I am not so sure? Yes I am a money whore. But aren't we all? Who doesn't really want their art they love to also be very valuable? Having said all that BS I love all the gold key covers; Wilson, Gollub, Manning, Prezio,etc. Just so few of them. And yes Heritage gets it wrong more than they get it right.