06 June 2010

Captain Venture Infopages, Pinups

Captain Venture and the Land Beneath The Sea was published for 2 issues in 1968 and 1969. Issue 1  was an abridged reprinting of the back up feature from SPACE FAMILY ROBINSON, written by Del Connell and drawn by Dan Spiegle.The other issue was a continuation of the story by Gaylord DuBois and Spiegle.
Both issues sported painted covers by George Wilson, and both had back page pinups, a rarity not found in many GKs of those years.
Each issue also had "infopages" , although they might have been reprints.

from issue 1, Oct '68
from #2, October '69

cover and pinup from #1

 Inside covers, #1

cover and pinup from #2...this HAS  to be one of the last GK pinups!


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