02 April 2015

SF Art of George Schilling

 Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, May 1977
Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact, September 1977
If, May 1966
Worlds of Tomorrow, September 1965
 Galaxy Magazine, June 1965
Worlds of Tomorrow, May 1965
Galaxy Magazine, April 1965 
Worlds of Tomorrow, March 1965 
If, May 1965 
Fantastic Stories of Imagination, November 1964
Galaxy Magazine, October 1964 
Fantastic Stories of Imagination, October 1964
Galaxie, Jan 1965
Amazing Stories, November 1962
Amazing Stories, May 1962
 Fantastic Stories of Imagination, May 1962 

1 comment:

  1. These weren't pulps, but the Magnanthropus cover certainly comes close to pulp looking...