17 July 2014

SF Art of Eddie Jones

Edward John Jones was a British science fiction illustrator who started as a fan artist. He illustrated numerous science fiction book covers, some under the pseudonym S. Fantoni, and provided interior illustrations for books and magazines.
Jones was active in the field from 1958 to 1989. In 1969, he became the art director for Visions of Tomorrow, a short-lived British SF magazine. The Science Fiction Writers of America described him as "the precursor to a generation of artists that helped define the look of early '70s SF illustration".[citation needed] He was nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist in 1970 and 1971. In Larry Niven's short story "Singularities Make Me Nervous", from Convergent Series, the protagonist, speaking in the future, describes his apartment as containing "Eddie Jones originals".

cribbed from  Valigursky

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  1. Eddie was an excellent commercial artist, who could produce excellent SF art on a regular basis. Alas, he fell into the bottle, and drank himself to death. A shame, really. I have several originals by him, and published covers by him on my semi-prozine, STARSHIP.