10 July 2014

"Blackstone Solves The Sealed Vault Mystery"

Written by Walter B. Gibson,  American author and professional magician, best known for his work on the pulp fiction character The Shadow.

from   Blackstone Master Magician Comics #1 (March-April 1946)
around the same time, this digest sized pulp novel appeared, also by Gibson. Although the cover says it is an Atlas (Martin Goodman's company) publication, the interior indicia says it was published by Vital, same as this comic, leading one to wonder if there was some link. Goodman liked nothing  better than playing the shell game with companies.


  1. the GCD has info about Vital here...http://www.comics.org/publisher/3325/
    GIbson and Blackstone were good friends and fellow magicians.
    All the various Blackstone comics from Street and Smith to Vital to EC to Marvel were scripted by Gibson with Blackstone's approval on plots and what tricks he was willing to reveal to the public.
    Note: the story you presented was reformatted for horizontal reprinting several years later, though the GCD listing for the reprint (and the original ) doesn't mention it...

    1. Thanks. Also thanks for cluing me in on "manhwa". :)