20 June 2014

Restless Gun~ "The Saddle"

The Restless Gun was an American western television series that appeared on NBC between 1957 and 1959, with John Payne in the role of Vint Bonner, a wandering cowboy in the era after the American Civil War.It ran for 78 episodes.

Broadcast on March 29, 1957, as an installment of the CBS anthology series The Schlitz Playhouse of Stars, the pilot episode was based on a radio series The Six Shooter, with Payne's character named Britt Ponset.
For the television version, however, the name was changed to Vint Bonner. Some episodes were based on the radio programs 

from Four Color #1146 (November 1960-January 1961)

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  1. The star of the radio series was Jimmy Stewart.

    (yes, THAT Jimmy Stewart)