09 April 2014

TV Mundial part 4

More Mexican  editions of US comics of the 60s/70s
Four Color #1257 (March-May 1962)

Four Color #1253 (January-March 1962)

Four Color #1309 (April-June 1962)

Dark Shadows #5 (May 1970)

Dark Shadows #7 (November 1970)

Four Color #1231 (September-November 1961)


  1. Back before CBS used it as a summer replacement, "Secret Agent" was "Danger Man" on Auntie Beeb.

    1. Danger Man ran for 39 episodes in 60-61 as a half hour show, somewhat different than the hour long SECRET AGENT of 1965.
      The Dell Four Color issue is based on the half hour concept (Drake is american). Gold Key did 2 issues title SECRET AGENT in 65 or 66 based on the hour long concept where Drake is a british agent ala james Bond.
      . the catchy Johnny Rivers theme was hear din the US only though.