27 April 2014

Apollo 100's JOY ~Sheet Music

The recording of "Joy" as performed by Apollo 100 is a nearly note-for-note remake of the arrangement of Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring .
 It was arranged by Tom Parker. 

Apollo 100 consisted of Parker and   drummer Clem Cattini, guitarist Vic Flick, guitarist Zed Jenkins, percussionist Jim Lawless, and bassist Brian Odgers.

Vic Flick, famous for playing the guitar riff in the "James Bond Theme"

Another version:


  1. I had just played the song off the LP for some of my children's friends (one who'd never really seen vinyl in action before) and we went looking for the sheet music since they are accomplished pianists. Thanks so much for making it available. I never knew the info about the guitarist and the James Bond connection.

    1. Always happy to hear that someone enjoys my posts

  2. Very cool. Heard the song just going through a YouTube playlist, found your site via that and got a history lesson. Thanks for posting the music. I'm a guitarist, and I often mess with the main melody. Now I can see (and hear the rest). This band's version is GREAT! Thanks!