23 January 2014

Paperback covers of Charles Binger

 Charles Ashford Binger was a British-born painter who found great success in Hollywood and on Madison Avenue. His commercial art included film posters, pulp novels and celebrity portraiture in a career that spanned the 1920s -1970's. Binger's hallmark style utilized impeccable composition, rendered in a painterly style over roughened textures. His science-fiction paperback covers include masterpieces "The Illustrated Man" by Ray Bradbury & "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. As Marilyn Monroe's favorite illustrator, he created three of her most memorable film posters, including "Niagara" and "River of No Return." His gift at capturing beautiful and vulnerable women in oils made him a highly sought portraitist among the crowned heads of Europe, and a valuable commodity in the emerging post-war pulp market.

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