11 August 2013

Edward R. Home-Gall

Edward R. Home-Gall  (1896–1974), was a British author of series fiction.

  Home-Gall wrote under a number of pseudonyms, most notably Judith Dale, under which he authored the Shirley Flight: Air Hostess series. He also used the names Edwin Dale and Rupert Hall. In addition to writing for various boys' weeklies, Home-Gall contributed to publications such as The Silver Jacket, Cherry Ames Girls Annual, and The Triumph.

 Home-Gall was the creator of a number of characters, including Colwyn Dane, a detective who appeared in Champion Library for over thirty years; Victor Gaunt, master spy; Don Sabre the Desert Robin Hood; The Human Bat; Ace Carew, Airman Speed King; Beau Rapier the Desert Dick Turpin; Giraffe Jones the Hairpin Half Back; and Snap Preston and Fenton Drake, two characters credited to Edwin Dale. Shirley Flight: Air Hostess enjoyed a popular run, with Home-Gall authoring sixteen books chronicling her international adventures. 

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