13 August 2013

1944 Magazine Ads (Part 1)

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  1. I have a lot of these ads both in old magazines and in Art Director's Club annuals. What makes them especially interesting is that with a few exceptions (like tires), there were no big consumer products being manufactured. The corporations had nothing to sell. They had to create ads that reminded readers how cool they were in hopes of getting them back as customers when wartime restrictions ended. There were a flood of "just wait!" ads promising super aircraft, super cars, and super kitchens. And of course thousands of inspiring "we're helping the war effort" ads. Out of it came some terrific illustrations and some pretty good copy.

    1. The staggering profit made by GM, GE and the like during WWII didn't keep them from fretting about the future..they had to keep people aware of them, teasing them about a better tomorrow.