26 June 2013

Argosy covers by P. J. Monahan

Patrick John Sullivan was born in early  1882 in Des Moines, Iowa, of Irish parents. In 1891 his family became ill with influenza. He and his younger brother recovered, but his father, mother and older sister all died. He was eight and Eugene was six. They were raised by charitable neighbors, James and Rose Ellen Monahan.

His story illustrations and cover paintings appeared in pulp magazines, such as All-Story Weekly, All-Story Cavalier, The People's, and The Popular. He also graced such magazines as Leslie's Weekly, The Delineator, The Ladies Home Journal, Pearson's, Collier's, Hampton's Magazine. and Judge Magazine.

He died in an auto accident in 1931.

The All-Story magazine was another pulp started by Frank Munsey. It ran from 1905 until it merged with Argosy in 1920. The first Tarzan story was published in the October, 1912 issue.

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