21 January 2013

June Lockhart, Medicine Woman

Decades before Dr Quinn graced the small screen, June Lockhart played a frontier lady doctor in two episodes of CBS TV's "Have Gun-Will Travel". Hard looking Shakespeare-quoting gunslinger Paladin is smitten by her, but something comes up before their romance goes beyond longing looks.

Here's June Lockhart a decade later, a typical 60s mom lost in space in a series is set 125 years or so after HAVE GUN-WILL TRAVEL

Dr. Phyllis Thackeray and the  man in black first cross paths on the Oct 5, 1957 episode. She's a female doctor, and of course the ignorant townsfolk will be having none of THAT nonense.
The official blurb:Paladin's patience is tested when a settlement, believing typhoid to be a direct result of divine will, condemns innocents to death.
Could I interest you in a haiku or a sonnet before I fill you full of lead?

On the May 17, 1958 episode , Dr Thackeray telegraphs Paladin for help. He drops everything, and at some considerable cost, rushes to her aid:  Paladin again assists his friend Phyllis Thackeray, M.D., when impatience and panic threaten to generate a smallpox epidemic.

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  1. After Lost in Space, June Lockhart played an MD on Petticoat Junction.