06 December 2012

Pontiac Club de Mer

 The Pontiac Club de Mer was a purpose-built, concept  car that was unveiled at the General Motors Motorama in 1956 to celebrate GM's commitment to futuristic design. It was destroyed by GM in 1958.

Under the hood lay Pontiac’s brand new V-8 engine, the 287 OHV, which was unveiled the year prior. Called the Strato Streak, it was GM's most powerful engine by 1955 and ushered in Pontiac’s high-performance image with the Bonneville, Grand Prix and GTO. This high-output power plant was modified with a high-lift cam and fitted with two four-barrel carburetors to coax power up to 300 bhp  . The rear wheels were driven by a rear mounted transaxle, used later in Pontiac's new compact, the 1961 Tempest, on a rigid rear axle with independent suspension.
it had a very low profile at just under 39 in

Wheelbase:103.251 in  
Length:180.001 in  
Height:38.401 in  

Get good enough at FACEBOOK'S "Car Town" and you might drive one of these cartoon versions.

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