13 December 2012

Hamilton's Invaders

Loved these as a kid!

from the 1965 Sear's catalog

The Invaders:
Horrible Hamilton - large green bug featured leg articulation. 
Yellow Spider - black and yellow spider with red spines
Yellow Beetle - black and yellow with red bumps
The spider and beetle were reissued by Remco with the large "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" playsets

Sold in a number of sets:

Hamilton Helmet with Non-Shattering Goggles (silver and black variations)
Chrome Grenade Pistol with yellow grenades - this pistol was also used in a green variation (with red grenades) for the Remco Monkey Division and Land of the Giants toylines
Pistol - silver and yellow light-projecting pistol, also used in variations for other toylines
12 True Blue Defenders. They were a United Nations type light blue plastic 70mm toy soldiers dressed in late World War II early Korean War U.S. Army uniform. They came in 6 poses of a Master Sergeant firing a pistol, a buck sergeant with M-1928A1 Thompson sub machine gun throwing a pineapple hand grenade, one firing a M-1928A1 Thompson, one firing an M-1 rifle, one charging with an M-1 with fixed Bayonet, and one kneeling firing a Bazooka. The Blue Defenders in this set do not have a slit perforation on the base like the other figures provided with the vehicles have.
Hornet Helicopter and 3 Blue Defenders
Mosquito Jeep and 3 Blue Defenders
Torpedo Tank and 3 Blue Defenders
Spring Motor Beetle and 3 Blue Defenders
Horrible Hamilton with Spring Motor
Horrible Hamilton / Torpedo Tank and Blue Defenders
The Battle of Horrible Hamilton - Horrible Hamilton, Hornet Helicopter and Blue Defenders
The Battle of the Spider - Spider, Mosquito Jeep and Blue Defenders
+Battle of the Monsters Sears Exclusive - (includes both playsets above)

The pistol was used , with some additions, as the laser pistol in the TV show LOST IN SPACE

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