17 September 2012

Ben Casey Film Stories

When Dell and Western split in early 1962, there must have been some confusion as to who owned which rights. Western owned most of the TV and movie licenses, including the lucrative Disney ones, but Dell managed to get some TV show rights. One of  their first in house productions was Ben Casey, the first issue cover dated June 1962 with god awful artwork by Norman Nodel. It just wasn't the quality product that Western used to produce. None of the first few solo years of Dell were.
A few months later Gold Key issued Ben Casey Film Stories, cover dated November 1962.This wasn't a comic book, but rather a story illustrated by stills from the TV show. This was the only issue of this title  produced , and they tried it one more time with an adaption of the movie The Three Stooges In Orbit.

Here is one of the 2 stories in that issue.

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