23 April 2012

Comic Book Short Story~ Gang Busters: Crime Cult

 Gang Busters was an American dramatic radio program that premiered as G-Men, sponsored by Chevrolet, on July 20, 1935. After the title was changed to Gang Busters on January 15, 1936, the show had a 21-year run through November 20, 1957. It was once narrated by Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr., former head of the New Jersey State Police

DC published 67 issues of the title beginning in 1947, but Dell did a couple of issues beforehand.

This story is from Dell Four Color #24, published in the early part of 1943 with art by Dan Gormley. It originally appeared in Dell's Popular Comics #72, a year earlier. Gormley might be better known for his work on Andy Panda Woody Woodpecker, & Oswald the Rabbit.

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