15 April 2012

Bama's Space Girl

James Bama is best known for his covers for the Bantam DOC SAVAGE editions of the 1960s, and later as a western artist. Here is a nice change from his muscular adventurers...from a 1964 novel.

James Bama

From the cover blurb, we can gather that there is a medical emergency on the moon..instead of sending a doctor, they'll be sending Nurse McGee.


  1. Love Bama's work, especially his western paintings. But, of course, his Doc Savage covers have a special place in the heart.

  2. I've heard that Bama doesn't like his Savage and paperback heritage, and doesn't want to participate in fandom. It's a shame if this is true (if someone can debunk this, pleas do!!!!)

  3. I doubt if anyone reading this blog will get this reference, but I think of James Bama every Friday at 8:30 am

    "You are the bama of the week..week....week!"

  4. Here's the hardcover pic...ACK!