04 December 2011

Soviet Space "Christmas" Cards

The Space Program was a Big Deal to impresionable kids born in the 1950s. I remember several birthday and Christmas cards that were astronaut-themed. As big as space was here, I think it was even bigger over in the CCCP.

 Christmas wasn't publicly celebrated in Soviet times, only in church on January 6th. They still had a Santa like figure, Father Frost, whose sidekick is the Snow Maiden ,Snegurochka

The greetings on these cards is not "Merry Christmas" but, more or less, "Happy New Year". The tree depicted on some is a "New Year's Tree"

Happy proletariat kid holds a twig from the New Year's Tree, with Father Frost and his Pioneer Helper Babe  Snegurochka







  1. These are Happy New Year cards, not Christmas. Christmas was not celebrated in the Soviet Union.
    Olga M.

  2. as I explained in the text, Olga.
    The Christmas was in quotes, an American shortcut to indicate that they were not really Christmas cards.