30 December 2011

Comic Book Short Story ~~ The Aquanauts in "The Deep Six"

 Ivan Tors (Sea Hunt, Flipper and many others) produced this hour long adventure series for United Artists and CBS. It ran for 32 episodes, the standard year for TV season back in 1960.

  The story was that of 2 California salvage divers, Drake and Larry. After 19 episodes, in early 1961, the Larry character was replaced by one named Mike, played by Ron Ely. The underwater adventures ended and the show was renamed  Malibu  Run for the remaining episodes. The last episode of the show aired in June 1961.
Even as the name and format changed, Dell put out a one shot in their Four Color Series. It was #1197, dated May 1961. Art was by Dan Spiegle. There were 2 stories---here is one of them.

While we're here, we might as well look at this issue's informational page, also by Spiegle.

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