08 August 2011

Gold Key Comics I've Never Seen (Part 3)

Spring 63 also saw the oneshot Duke Of The K9 Patrol. Cover looks interesting.

Jerry Robinson was the interior artist for this next rarity, which ran 2 issues , June and September of 1963. Obviously a romance comic. Less obvious is who painted the covers.

I remember the TV show, not the comic from July of 1963
Another one shot with a dramatic cover, CITY SURGEON, dated Aug 63. Jack sparling did the interior work.
After their first year, the Gold Key products are more often found in my own collection, so there are not many surprises. Lots of disney, and Disney live action adaptions. Solar, Magnus,Tarzan, Korak and so on.
There was the occasional Four Color reprint.

Here is an interesting oneshot based on a 1963 TV show , The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters , which starred Kurt Russell.

Another GK action title I have never seen and know little of, from December 1964:

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