10 July 2011

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea Full Page Panels

The Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea series treated us to a number of large detailed full pagers.

First, from Dell Four Color 1230, the original movie adaption, THREE of 'em!:

art by Sam Glanzman ,whose career spanned from the 40s into the 90s

Gold Key took over the TV license, and produced some of their best work, in my opinion.

From #2, one of my favorie single issue comics (July 65)

George Wilson did the cover, George Tuska the interior art.

From #4 (May 66) Art by Alberto Giolitti

From #5 (Aug 1966) , again by Giolitti-

And from another of my all time favorite issues, #6 (Novemer 1966) -same artist as above.

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