19 June 2015

Jungle War Stories~ Requiem for a Red...

One of the few places you'd see mention of our involvement in Vietnam before late 1964 was in comic books such as Dell's Jungle War Stories.  This story is from issue #1, July 1962 (making it one of the first in house Dell products) . Art is by Bill Fraccio  and  Tony Tallarico. The cover is by Vic Prezio

You'll note these are the days before the two most iconic pieces of machinery of the war--the UH-1 helicopter and the M-16 rifle.  The M-14 is seen as well as a Piasecki H-21 helicopter.


  1. The heyday of the New Frontier. All things Kennedy were pushed hard in the media.

    Jack was a big fan of SF and SEAL Team got a major boost in its inception from his interest in counterinsurgency.

    Every year, Robert McNamara would come back from VI-et-nam, as he called it, and say, "Now we can start winning".

  2. There was another comic that took place in VietNam, but it was a super hero who was also a soldier. I haven't tracked down any issues other than what I remember from a half century ago. Think it was MagicMan or something similar.