08 February 2015

Comic Book Cover / Splash Page Clones, Part 22

First up, a reverse action pait , both by Nick Cardy, from  Aquaman #39 (May-June 1968)

Here is an interesting one from  Flash Comics #82 (April 1947). Background figure same, foreground figures reversed.Color changes. Some art text changed. By Everett E. Hibbard.

Slightly different angle and action, Gil Kane artwork. from Green Lantern #44 (April 1966) 

Cover copied as splash page, some coloring differences. Russ Heath art.  Our Fighting Forces #32 (April 1958)

Our Fighting Forces #81 (January 1964), Differing POV.  Jerry Grandenetti

John Sikela, Win Mortimer, Al Plastino,Ed Dobrotka.. four artists for one mash up cover. The trio figure appear son the Splash page, by Sikela. Can anyone identify the other elements on the cover from  Superboy #16 (September-October 1951) ? 

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