04 March 2014

Dondi in "Five Dollars for Luck"

Dondi was a daily comic strip about a large-eyed war orphan of the same name. Created by Gus Edson and Irwin Hasen, it ran in more than 100 newspapers for three decades (September 25, 1955 to June 8, 1986). After the death of Edson in 1966, Bob Oksner teamed with Hasen, and the two remained with the strip until its 1986 conclusion. 

Joe Certa drew this story from Dell Four Color # 1276, December 1961. Gaylord Dubois scripted it.

cover is by regular strip artist  Irwin Hasen

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  1. Dondi Co-creator Irwin Hasen passed away today.

    (July 8, 1918 – March 13, 2015)