09 February 2014

Rocket Ship comic covers from Western Publishing

Four Color #204 (December 1948)
Four Color #1083 (March-May 1960)
Four Color #1234 (1961)
Four Color #1148 (October 1960)
The Outer Limits #3 (July - September 1964)
Four Color #954 (February 1959)
My Favorite Martian #2 (July 1964)
Drift Marlo #1 (May-July 1962)
Four Color #1253 (January-March 1962)
Four Color #939 (September 1958)

Four Color #378 (February 1952)
Dell Giant #43, 1961
Four Color #204 (December 1948)


  1. Tom Corbett comics????

    Where did you find them?

    1. I don't understand your question Ed. Tom Corbett Space Cadet had a multi issue, 8 or 9, run in the 1950s by Western Publishing under the Dell banner. I personally hall all the issues, purchased 40 years ago and sealed away in mylar. These images I found on the net. No use abusing my own stuff ;)
      Alden McWilliams was the usual artist on the series. I can post more if you like, or even some inside samples if you really really want me to unwrap the plastic !

    2. What I meant was that Tom Corbett is so old, I barely remember it and I certainly don't recall any comics.

      But, no, you don't have to endanger the plastic (I know how possessive one can get about oldies and goodies).

    3. I only knew of him thru the novels I had as a kid in the 60s, not the TV show. I remember that USA Network did air some of the old shows in the early 80s though, lat eon Friday or Saturday nights. That's all I've ever seen of the TV show. Wasn't very good. The books were fantastic (to a 10 year old anyway) and the comics were about the same