13 December 2013

Comic Book Short Story~The Troubleshooters in "Duel at Dawn"

    Troubleshooters was an American 26-segment half-hour adventure series aired on NBC Television from September 11, 1959, to April 10, 1960. Based on events at international construction sites, the program was directed by Robert Altman early in his career. It was the first TV series offered by United Artists.
    Filmed entirely in Southern California, the show starred character actor Keenan Wynn as the crew's "top push," Kodiak, and gold medal winning Olympic decathlete Bob Mathias as his engineer and right hand man, Frank Dugan. The show debuted in a particularly difficult slot, facing off against the popular Western Rawhide on CBS and Walt Disney Presents on ABC. Sponsored by Marlboro cigarettes, the series prominently featured Caterpillar construction and excavation equipment, provided in a mutually beneficial arrangement likely orchestrated by Altman, who had made several sponsored films, including A Perfect Crime, for the company while at Calvin. In their annual report to shareholders, UA described the series as being, "produced under the same policies which the parent company has applied successfully to independent motion picture production."

     Dell did a Four Color one shot, calling it The Troubleshooters just as the show was ending. From # 1108, June 1960.

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  1. I remember the show and I had the comic (which I lost on a train trip).

    Too bad I couldn't have hung onto it, it would probably be worth a few bucks.