20 September 2013

Comic Book Short Story~ Gunslinger-"The Renegade Sergeant"

Gunslinger was a Western television series starring Tony Young that aired on the CBS television network from February 9 until May 18, 1961.Young played Cord, a young gunfighter who works undercover for the local army garrison commander, acting as a secret law enforcement agent in the territory. The series lasted for only twelve episodes.

from Four Color #1220 (September-November 1961)

art by Mike Sekowsky

bonus:Here is the Theme Song by Frankie Laine

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  1. I remember the show; it got a big buildup as the latest in the Gunsmoke-HGWT-Rawhide tradition, but couldn't find an audience.

    Amazing the network talked Dell into doing a comic on a show that hadn't proven itself.