02 February 2013

Saturday Morning Comics ~The Phantom

From Harvey Comics Hits #56, April 1952

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  1. OK, this is great and I have a serious question about the Harvey line -- or least the older, Alfred Harvey line of comics. Did you know that you can buy reprints of many of their comics for cheap: $2 for something like 5 issues.

    Here's my story: I was in Remy's Department Store in Maine, returning a flannel shirt. Remy's has flannel shirts, wool sweaters, boots, hats, as well as some grocery items and so on. It's a great institution in Maine. But, really, it's mostly clothes and camping stuff. So, I return my shirt and my wife finds some sweaters she wants and we go to the check out and there are some comic book spinner racks with Alfred Harvey books in them: Black Cat, etc. They are 4-5 books together in a clear plastic bag for $2. To my regret, I did not buy any.

    But it begs the question: who reprinted these books? They were obviously recently published. Are they in the public domain? I don't know and I'll have to get back to Remy's and spend my lousy $2.