25 November 2012

Comic Book Short Story~The Interplanetary Aquarium (3D)

The 3rd story in the 1953/1966 oversized anaglyph 3D Batman publication was a science fiction tale from Action Comics #127, Dec. 1948. See the previous    posts for the 2 Batman stories.

Script:Otto Binder
Pencils:Curt Swan
Inks:John Fischetti

This was the first Tommy Tomorrow story, but the 3D version doesn't indicate that. Here is the original splash page, a little different from the 3D one.

Sorry I can't provide the red/cyan glasses you will need. There are probably millions floating around..recently Honda had them attached to their magazine ads.


  1. Fun story! Could you post more of the color pages? I'd like to see how they differ. Thanks.

    1. Stay tuned, I will see if I can find some more and put them in a new post.

    2. Thank you. As always, I'll be following your blog!