01 October 2012

To The Stars?

Some Baby Boomers compare the promise of our youth to what we've accomplished, what we've done to this country, and feel a terrible sense of loss. Sure, we have better tvs to watch amateur hour on, and computers , which are a fancy TV to most people, in the bathroom, but we have no sense of purpose as a people. The Space Race was the last time most Americans felt united in anything , even if that were mostly because of propaganda. 

Children's media did their part to instill wonder in us. Here are some samples from 2 of my fondly remembered issues of Classics Illustrated from the late 1950s. The notion that the next voice we hear from the moon will be not be English is devastating to one of my age. So much potential......

 For the first time in half a millennium, we've decided to quit exploring and rather sit at home and contemplate our collective navels.

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