24 June 2012

Classroom Movie~ One Got Fat (1963)

Remember when the teacher had been up all night boozing or something and came in muttering words  similar to what your dad said while working on the furnace? Remember how she would turn down the lights and start a movie or film strip? YAYY!!
  One Got Fat is a 1963 bicycle safety film. It is narrated by F-Troop and Fractured Fairy Tales star, Edward Everett Horton. The weird thing about it is that all the kids in it are wearing monkey masks.

1 comment:

  1. Not exactly Planet of the Apes. I suppose they made it rather cartoonish because the kids die, and wearing monkey masks takes the sting out of it. Imagine showing this film in school now...the sob sisters would be up in arms -- not only are the children traumatized, but PETA objects to the treatment of mock-monkeys, CAIR objects to the mockery of the Allah-formed human, and the NAACP (with cheerleading by Rev Al) is firing off charges of racism. The DOJ will spend millions to investigate. "Sigh."