10 May 2012

I'll have an Egg Phosphate please

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Drug stores used to be more than places you'd go to get prescription meds and overpriced crapola as seen on TV. As late as 50 years ago drug stores had amenities such as lunch counters and a magazine rack that would put modern bookstores to shame .This menu of drinks and ice cream comes from the soda fountain of a drug store in Milwaukee sometime between 1916-1920. I've had orange phosphate and raspberry phosphate , but EGG PHOSPHATE???? I can only wonder...... They also have "Lime Rickey" on the drinks menu...that usually is made with gin...this was a swingin' speak easy type of place!!!


  1. Lime Rickeys, without alcohol, are still served regularly around Boston.

    1. I lead a sheltered life:(
      Thanks for the info.