08 June 2011

Western Publishing's fact page from MIGHTY SAMSON #5, March 1966

art by Frank Thorne

Here's the georgeous Gollub cover.

(GCD credits Gollub with this, but I dunno..looks kinda Wilson-y. Gollub had done the previous SAMSON covers, but Wilson took over the series covers on the next issue..so I think GCD might be wrong.)

  On a personal note:

I remember standing at the comic rack at Clark's Drug Store in Dayton, Ohio, wracked with indecision as I fretted over which comic deserved my meager funds. It was the very beginning of Batmania, and I had never ever yet bought a DC comic. Batman had the Riddler on the cover! On the other hand...look at it -Samson, monster, leggy babe. I went with dependable Gold Key.

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