11 April 2011

Operator, get me the police!

"This is Sgt Sprinkles...what's your emergency?"

"This is Principal Dichwagger at Morning Wood High. I've got trouble brewing here. Some juvie brought in a contrband transistor radio, and activated it during third period studyhall."

"Oh My!"

"Yes, within seconds the students were exposed to rock & roll, hillbilly music and god help me some sort of race music!"

"I'm alerting the riot boys..."

"The students are starting to react....I'm locking myself in my office. I have a gun with one bullet........."

"Now just stay calm Principal Dichwagger, we're trained to deal with these kind of situations. Now tell me, are any of the teenagers swaggering, or walkin in some othewise non-drudgery fashion?"

"Yes!! And some of the girls are popping their gum... oh my"


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