20 February 2011

Gold Key Comics I've Never Seen (Part 1)

During their first year or so of operation, Gold Key produced some odd comics that didn't last beyond one or two issues. I'd love to find some of these:

GK's 5th offering, dated October 1962, was CHECKMATE, based on the TV show starring Doug McClure & Sebastian Cabot. The episodes I have seen were pretty much off the bore scale, so I really don't see how it even got a second issue.

The next month, November '62, (so probably on stands in September) saw the first of 2 GK editions of "77 Sunset Strip". Dell had multiple Four Color issues devoted to this, as well as a single shot edition published just prior to the Dell/Western split. I'd imagine all the production was done  by the same people, and Russ Manning did the pencils. I have the FC issues...never have seen the GKs.

Also on the racks that month was BEN CASEY FILM STORY which I assumed used photos the same as the "3 Stooges in Orbit" also out that month.

For December 1962, GK gave us the 2nd issue of Dr Solar, and the first issue of Space Family Robinson, as well as various cartoon animals. The only one from this month that I don't recall is National Velvet, which lasted 2 issues.
I assume that this is a continuation of the 2 issues done for Dell.

Next Time: Into 1963

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