21 January 2011

Pulp Art Gallery: Frank Soltesz

Not really a pulp artist is the strictest sense, but in a similar style. The only things "pulpish" I can find by him are some 1960s "men's adenture" type magazine covers.
Frank Soltesz' work can be found in several different areas: Men's magazine covers (a descendant of Pulp) , state map illustrations, landscapes, adevertising.

He was born in 1912 in Pennsylvania of Slovakian immigrants.
1946 ad.

"Men's magazine" covers from the 60s

 1978 watercolor
1969, for a calender

 1966, for a Christmas card company

1975 Watercolor

Here is a link to 16 interesting cutaway paintings he did for an industrial firm.

Here are a few of the map cover illos he did.

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